HISTORY: The Long Island Job Finder weekly employment newspaper was launched by D & S Advertising, Inc. on April 29, 2000, to provide an inexpensive recruitment advertising alternative for Long Island employers to reach thousands of potential candidates each week. For 20 years, we have provided quality help-wanted advertising at the most competitive rates on the market today! No longer do Long Island employers have to spend thousands of dollars for a single ad in the Sunday paper!

Our website was established shortly after the launch of the newspaper as a way to reach those who may not be able to pick up the newspaper on a weekly basis. Let’s face it…there are many different employment websites out there, but the others are too complicated, too confusing and too expensive. That prompted us to keep our site as simple as possible, and outstanding value as well!

Jobseekers do not have to go through a complicated series of clicks and pages to find a job. All of the employment opportunities listed are on Long Island/NYC Metro area and are listed alphabetically according to the position. By listing the jobs in this manner, it allows the job seekers to pick the job or jobs they are interested in and print them out on a single sheet of paper. Other employment websites require that you click on each individual job. Then click again to get the details of that job, and click again to apply or to get the contact information. And even when you specifically search for a job in the Long Island area, you still wind up reading about countless jobs in different markets around the country that you have no interest in! This makes the job search a very long and tedious process. Our simplified approach to finding a job on the Long Island Job Finder website has resulted in amazing growth in the popularity of the site.