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Help Wanted! Careers in Long Island Manufacturing

Long Island boasts 3,000 manufacturers across 12 sectors of industry including breweries, bakeries, sign-makers, machine shops, aerospace, software production, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, wineries and surgical equipment and they are all looking for one thing... you.

The average Long Island manufacturing job pays almost $20,000 more than similar positions in other regions of the country, and there is a relatively low educational barrier to most of the entry-level positions but they are challenged with filling entry and skilled labor jobs.

In the past 12 months, 9,279 jobs have been posted by Long Island manufacturers, many of which went unanswered unfilled. Let’s take a closer look at some of these jobs and discuss the qualifications.

Long Island manufacturers employ workers from every level of education. High school graduates work alongside doctoral professionals across various skill levels making products that keep our hearts beating, cars rolling, beer flowing and everything in-between. It is important to note that careers in manufacturing allow for workers to enter easily and advance upward, gaining valuable skills and experience that will make them more valuable as they grow in their careers.

Since Long Island manufacturing utilizes high-tech processes, the Long Island Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program has been created to help workers “learn while they earn” through the regions Trade Association IgniteLI. This workforce training program exists to help employers attract new talent
and retain existing workers with valuable experience and industry know-how.


Let’s look at the numbers; 3,000 Manufacturing companies on Long Island (2nd highest region in NYS) earning a total of $124 Billion in salary (2nd highest region in NYS) with 72,000 employees.

The five highest concentrations of MFG Jobs on Long Island are; Fabricated Metal Products, Printing and related support activities, Commercial Food Industries, Computer, and Electronic Production, and Furniture and Related Production.

The five highest in-demand occupations for High School Degree holders; CNC Machinist, Industrial Manufacturing Technician Welding, Quality Inspector/Technician, and Electro-Mechanical Technician.

And finally, the five most in-demand occupations (Post College); Mechanical Engineer, Quality Control, Manufacturing Engineer, Software Developer/Engineer, and Sales Representative.

Long Island manufacturing is alive and well. When you are choosing a career or considering a career change, consider building new skills, learning a new trade, and earning a wage 20% higher than the rest of the country by joining a
legacy of Long Island innovators and new business creators.


Patrick Boyle is the Executive Director of IGNITE
LI, the Manufacturing Consortium of Long Island,
25 Corporate Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788

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